While all medical students generally take the same courses for their education, unfortunately many don’t receive the quality of education they deserve and lack basic foundations. Many students fall for review courses that promise quick results for excellent test scores, but our mottos is that you cannot review what you never knew!

The amount of knowledge needed to practice medicine is extensive. Even if you are somehow able to memorize it all, in the end it’s not valuable if you lack proper foundations. Dr. Najeeb has been teaching medical sciences for over 22 years and has helped thousands of students gain the foundation of medical knowledge they need to perform well on exams as well as in their careers. He believes, "Learning without understanding can be a torture but with clear concepts it becomes fun and pleasure".

Through his online medical classes, Dr. Najeeb teaches all the basic medical science courses like gross anatomy, embryology, histology, neuroscience, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, immunology and microbiology.

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