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About Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S)

Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S) is one of top research-intensive medical schools located in upper Manhattan, one of New York City’s most diverse neighborhoods. The school focuses on providing students with not just only the knowledge of medicine, rather the detailed explanation of how and what medicine really is which makes the college stand out from other medical schools. It is part of a group of health sciences schools that make up Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons(P&S), an integral part of New York. The faculty and students aim to provide more towards their mission, i.e. to care, discover, educate and make life better for those in need. The school is ranked amongst the top medical schools of United States, with high rankings in various renowned magazines. It is ranked 6th among the nation’s hospitals. The reason being that students of P&S average the highest MCAT and grade point scores, making them achieve heights other students are not able to.The school has a diverse body and promises to care for patients from around the world. P&S is also joined with the New York State Psychiatric Institute which’s goal is to treat the most intractable mental problems. Historic contributions to medicine has made the school a prestigious renowned center which provides not only locally, but internationally too.

Departments in Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S)

    Basic Science Departments

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
  • Biomedical Informatics
  • Genetics and Development
  • Medical Humanities and Ethics
  • Microbiology and Immunology
  • Neuroscience
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology and Cellular Biophysics
  • Systems Biology

    Clinical Science Departments

  • Anesthesiology
  • Dermatology
  • Medicine
  • Neurological Surgery
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Urology

    Centers and Institutes

  • Center for Family and Community Medicine
  • Center for Radiological Research
  • Institute of Human Nutrition

    And many more!

Facts and Statistics about Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S)

    School Enrollment, 2017

    P&S is proud of its diversity, which is shown in their enrollment stats from Fall 2017.

    A total of 643 students were taken in, with 325 men, and 318 women of which 23 were international students. 117 were Asian, 79 Hispanic, 64 black, and around 300 were white.

    A total of 8,258 applicants applied, of which 7,311 were considered. From these, 1,035 were interviewed and acceptance letters were issued to 285 students.

    The median undergraduate GPA was 3.87, with Median MCAT score of 36. The preferred majors was biological sciences with 40% choosing it as their major. Other chosen majors were Physical Sciences (17%), Social Sciences/Humanities (22%) and mixed disciplines (21%).

    The most popular Residency and Specialty Programs are Anesthesiology, Orthopedic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Urology and Radiology – Diagnostic.


  • Full-time clinical faculty stands at 1,826
  • Part-time clinical faculty is around 2,021
  • Full-time and part-time basic sciences faculty is 261 and 65 respectively

    Honors for Current Faculty

  • Nobel Prize in medicine                                 = 1
  • National Academy of Sciences                    = 19
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute                = 12
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences  = 26

    Research Funding

    Funding to P&S from the NIH was at $438.6 million from 759 grants. Whereas the total funding to P&S and its affiliated hospitals was at $491.9 million from 877 grants.

    Tuition and Fees

    The in-state and out-of-state tuition is same at $59,364, with additional required student fees at $6,893 and $17,715 for room and board. To help students with the fees, the school provides financial aids as:

  • 53% are receiving loans
  • 67% are receiving grants/scholarships
  • And 8% are in work-study programs

    Additional Assistance

    To provide students with a soothing experience of their budgeting throughout, the school gives some tips for students that they should follow. Which will help in adjusting their budget and not create any kind of hassle for them.Firstly, the most basic thing is to not incur any expenses that could exceed your standard budget unless you have assistance from family or friends, or from the financial aid officer. The school can also help in rents but to an extent only, the Financial Aid Officer can help in sorting any budgeting issues. No budget is given for the fourth year elective.  Scholarships are limited for the third and fourth year electives. Other expenses will only be considered if they are necessary and related to attendance at the school.

Career Planning in Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S)

The school understands how difficult it is to choose a particular field of medicine. Some students have decided it before starting medical school, whereas others tend to choose their specialty by the end of the final year. This is where the career planning office comes in to place, it will provide shadowing opportunities for students and exposure to a variety of careers through formal and informal experiences. Side by side, opportunities of research, fellowship and projects will be provided with timely information about residency applications and interviews. The focus is divided between particular years, with different kind of information and assistance provided to those in major clinical year, fourth year and so on.

Admissions in Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S)


    Applicants should begin to prepare for medical school a year in advance of their anticipated matriculation. In the month of May, the application becomes available via the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) with secondary applications sent till October. Interview invitations are sent from late August and offers sent in late February. The month of May till August is for reviewing the waitlist applicants and classes being in mid-August.


    Applicants must have:

  • One year of Biology with labs
  • One year of Physics with labs
  • Baccalaureate degree prior to matriculation
  • One year of English or other writing-intensive course
  • At least three full academic years at a regionally accredited college in the United States or Canada
  • Two years of Chemistry, one of which must be Organic Chemistry, both with labs.

    Students can still apply if they lack the above prerequisites, but completion is a requirement for enrollment. Keep in mind that the school does not accept online courses for the prerequisite classes.The university rarely accepts applicants from foreign universities as they cannot measure the premedical education level outside of United States and Canada. Therefore the school requires at least one year of premedical training at a U.S. institution plus the MCAT.  Any grade lower than C- in any required course is regarded as an unsatisfactory and must be retaken with higher grades. A minimum of three letters of recommendation are required, and up to seven are accepted, all must be from a science faculty member, teacher or research mentor. The application fee is $110. The school has a set of technical standards that all students must abide by.Non-residents of the United States are ineligible for federal financial aid programs.

Campus life at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S)

P&S is home to the best medical education for its students, but also promises to make the experience at the school worthwhile with the P&S Club.The club sponsors over 70 co-curricular and extra-curricular organizations. It includes athletics, theater student advocacy and much more. The purpose is to have an active medical student body, which gives them opportunities to build a community even outside of the classes to shape their social and professional experiences. Joining the club will help you in:

  • Creating long lasting friendships
  • Increase the interaction with faculty and the particular staff
  • To achieve their personal goals apart from education
  • And play an important role in developing their social lives.

The annual events of the club are the student orientation. It provides students with a know-how of the program and facilitate life for their personal growth. A number of activities and presentations are carried out which result in interactions for the new student body with other students and the staff and faculty. The Club Fair is the perfect place to get all organizations together to have a meet and greet with the new student body. The activities are Advocacy, Community Service and Public Awareness, Arts and much more.

    Recreation and Athletic Facilities in Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S)

    The Bard Athletic Center has a swimming pool, a gymnasium, squash court, aerobics/multi-purpose exercise room, lockers, showers and saunas. The athletics complex and fitness center provide with further services like a wrestling room, indoor track, fencing room and an outdoor center where tennis courts, soccer fields and basketball courts are provided for the students.


    Housing is provided to full-time students. For any details regarding how to apply it, .

    Transportation in Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S)

    A number of different shuttles are run by the school to provide safe and easy transport routes to all campuses and adjoining colleges. 

    Vagelos Education Center (VEC)

    The Education Center is open to all students enrolled at P&S. The building has numerous auditoriums, classrooms, Simulation Center training facilities, Cafe and a student lounge. For students, the south facade of the building is fitted with a variety of spaces including chairs, couches, table for informal meetings and counters. The center also has seating for smaller and larger groups to interact and study depending on their needs.

Dr Najeeb lectures

The reason that P&S is one of the top medical schools of the world is due to the level and quality of education. Even though students are provided with the best faculty to help with their education, however students will still require external help to assist throughout their study. Not every student is equal, nor is every student given individual attention. Therefore students can use Dr. Najeeb Lectures. Dr. Najeeb is a well renowned teacher, who is trusted by 80% of Medical, Nursing, Dentistry & Pharmacy students, in over 190 countries. For P&S, the USMLE is a very important part of a student’s medical career, in which Dr. Najeeb can help. He has been teaching for over 26 years, and understands where a medical school lacks in providing students with quality education. Many students lack the basic information and cannot reach the potential they originally could do so.The site has over 800 videos, with new ones being uploaded weekly. The method of teaching is done on whiteboards to give students a feel of the classroom, and the lectures are available on your laptops, desktops and even your mobile phones. The success rate of Dr. Najeeb is very high, as can be seen from the reviews from previous and current students. For any queries about his lectures, they have outstanding customer support, where all your questions will be answered as soon as possible.  He has over 1 million paid subscriptions, which shows how effective his lectures have been in providing insightful and quality education to medical students of all backgrounds regardless of where they are located.

Dr. Najeeb lectures stand out from the rest due to their mobility, detailed explanations and easy payment plans. The videos can also be downloaded for later use. You can also follow Dr. Najeeb on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for other updates about him and his page.


  • The school does not accept transfer students, nor does it have an early decision program.
  • The school does accept re-applicants.
  • Decision letters are sent in mid-February.
  • All information is available at the website.
  • The highest scored MCAT will be looked at.
  • Deferrals are granted, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students can live in their own accommodation.
  • Information about orientation will be given in Mid-June.
  • 32% of the recent graduating class took an elective or travelled internationally for scholarly projects.
  • A number of work experiences are available for students.
  • The pass rates of P&S students has been higher from the national average in all three steps of the USMLE.
  • Dates of the interview can be accommodated.
  • Storage area is available on the interview days.

Contact of Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S)


Here’s what students are saying about Dr. Najeeb Lectures.

Lizi Klein Los Angeles, California
Lizi Klein
This is singularly the best investment I made for the first year of medical school. Each video is a jackpot of information with amazing drawings, great energy, and a phenomenal professor!
Kathryn Giroux Whitefish, Ontario
Kathryn Giroux
Currently, the only things saving my embryology and 1st-trimester ultrasound marks - keep the wealth of education flowing! Highly recommended!
Maryam Moradi The University of Texas, Austin
Maryam Moradi
I bought lifetime access because I believe there is no better source for learning the foundation of medicine. I strongly recommend him to anyone who cares about true learning and not merely memorizing!
Jackson David Reynolds University of North Georgia
Jackson David Reynolds
Dr. Najeeb Lectures are top notch. Comprehensive medical lectures of the utmost quality across all preclinical (and many clinical) topics. Fantastic for deepening one's understanding for clinical practice and licensing/board examinations.
Jacob Joseph Columbus, Ohio
Jacob Joseph
Dr. Najeeb is the single most spectacular medical teacher you will ever have! I love this man. He has clarified everything from the coagulation cascade, immunology, neurology, and embryology. His sense of humor and brilliant illustrations make everything stick well in your memory. His ability to illustrate 3-dimensional relationships has been useful for excelling in anatomy. I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful work you do. I recommend your lectures to anyone who wants to truly understand medicine!
Ann Ilaria Mayrhofer London School of Hygiene.
Ann Ilaria Mayrhofer
I'm grappling with my online studies in Infectious Disease at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It's made me realize what a visual learner I still am. So these vids are making what was murky crystal clear. While I am easily distracted when I have to do hours of straight reading, I am glued to the videos. I've looked for a series of such videos for months. A million thanks - Dr Najeeb has a true passion for teaching and can convey highly complex topics in an understandable and fun way.


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