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Mastering Edema & Clinical Correlates

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Mastering Edema & Clinical Correlates Part 1:

Edema Part 1

What’s discussed in this video?

  • What is Edema?

  • Normal distribution of water in the human body.

  • Intracellular edema Vs Extracellular edema.

  • Difference between congestion and hyperemia.

  • Causes of intracellular edema.


Mastering Edema & Clinical Correlates Part 2:

edema part 2

What’s discussed in this video?

  • Normal mechanism of fluid exchange between the vascular compartment and interstitial spaces.

  • What can cause Edema in interstitial tissue?

  • Hydrostatic pressure and oncotic pressure role in the fluid exchange.

  • How can Increase in hydrostatic pressure can cause edema?

  • The role of decreased oncotic pressure in the development of interstitial edema.

  • Edema caused by impaired lymphatic drainage. (Brief mechanism).

  • Pitting VS non-pitting edema.

  • What is dependent edema?

  • Role of glycoprotein in interstitial space.

  • Edema due to increased permeability of microcirculation.

  • Salt and water retention role in developing edema.


Mastering Edema & Clinical Correlates Part 3:


What’s discussed in this video?

The role of increased hydrostatic pressure.

  • Normal hydrostatic pressure.

  • Regulation of hydrostatic pressure in capillaries.

  • Venous system congestion effect on hydrostatic pressure.

  • Causes of arterial dilatation due to heat and neurohumoral dysregulation.

  • Causes of venous system congestion leading to edema.

  • External pressure on the vein.

  • Thrombosis. (DVT).

  • Dependent Edema.

  • The difference between platelet adhesion, platelet plug, platelet aggregation, embolus, and thrombosis.