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I forgot my password. What can I do?

If you are unable to login kindly reset your password. If that doesn’t solve the issue send us an email and we will fix it ASAP.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. We also accept wire transfers, Western Union and MoneyGram. Sign up here.

Are you recording new videos?

Yes we are regularly recording new videos and they are uploaded in members area every week.

Do you provide lecture notes?

We encourage the students to take the notes themselves and become an active part of the learning process. We could do the heavy lifting for you but that defeats the whole purpose. We want our students to take notes and draw illustrations themselves, this way you’ll develop crystal clear concepts. If you can draw it, you understand it.

What is Lifetime Access?

Lifetime access means you will have access to our entire video library forever including all new videos we will upload. You’ll never have to pay again.

Why Dr. Najeeb Lectures?

We provide quality medical education with crystal clear concepts with hand drawn illustrations. No powerpoints whatsoever. Our videos help you master Basic Medical Sciences. We are not a review course. Think of us as foundation course that helps bridge the gaps where you have weak foundations. We don’t help you cram a topic, we help you master it.

Too many videos. Which ones should I watch?

You don’t have to watch all the videos. We have 700+ videos in members area and we continue to record new videos every week. With so many videos available we don’t expect you to watch all of them. Only watch videos on topics you don’t understand at school. Use Dr. Najeeb Lectures as a reference library to polish your concepts. Only fix whats broken and make the most out of your learning time.

End Result: You master each concept either at school or with Dr. Najeeb Lectures.

Videos are too long. What should I do?

When you come to us for a concept we expect you to know “Nothing”. We start from the basic and teach you up to the ultimate level. At every step of the learning process we are there to explain “How” and “Why”. When we teach you pathology we don’t do so without teaching you the normal underline physiology. You are an active part of the learning process.We are there to help you visualize complex medical concepts with hand drawn illustrations so you can Master Medical Sciences. These are not review videos. This is world class medical education. This is precisely why our videos are long. We believe you cannot review what you never knew. You can watch our videos at 1.5x speed to learn more in less time.

End Result: Watch videos at 1.5x speed to learn more in less time.

Why do you need to Master Important Medical Concepts?

As a Medical Professional you are probably going to practice all your life. What really differentiates a successful medical professional from an average medical professional is the difference in clarity of their concepts. These concepts that you master today will be deciding tomorrow how good of a medical professional you are going to be 10 years from now. You are not going to learn everthing again so do it right the first time.

Don’t forget, Last knowledge results from clear concepts.

How do I watch videos at 1.5x speed?

When you login to your account and play a video you’ll see fast video playback option in the video player.