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John Hopkins medical school

About Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, was founded in 1876. It holds the title of being America’s first research university and puts more money into research than any other university in the US. It is widely known for being the first to combine research and education into a cohesive unit. As of yet, 27 brilliant individuals from this institute have earned Noble Prizes. This university is ranks 5th in best medical schools as well as its QS Global World Ranking being 21st according to and thus far has maintained a stellar image in terms of research, surgery, primary care, internal medicine, pediatrics, and so on. Its influence in terms of scientific endeavor expands to 150 countries and shows no signs of slowing down. Johns Hopkins is a top choice and a strong contender in a whirlpool of strong academic institutes.

Campus of John Hopkins medical school

The campus has a good aesthetic where buildings are federal style, even the newer buildings follow the same aesthetic. An array of clubs are available to cater to the interests of students and it is highly encouraged that you join the ones that quip your interest. It has been described as being a clean campus. The atmosphere is lively even during the evenings which indicates a good social life. Another positive factor is its great security. One doesn’t feel unsafe. They have 4 Baltimore Campuses namely: Homewood for Arts, Science, and Engineering, Peabody which holds the nation’s oldest conservatory, East Baltimore for Medicine and Harbor East for Business. Johns Hopkin also has international campuses in China and Italy.


Baltimore has a moderate climate and is known to be a good place for employment opportunities for students who want to work part-time. It offers many recreational sights like the aquarium, theaters, and shopping malls. You can visit places such as the American Visionary Art Museum, the Myerhoff Theatre and so on, hence you can rest assured that you will have a lot to do with your free time. It is close to 3 major airports thus traveling becomes much more convenient than many other places. Also, people in cities are closer to many options for public transportations.


Johns Hopkins School of Medicine was always been esteemed for an immersive learning experience, in fact, as mentioned beforehand they are the pioneers of research-based education. The rigorous courses and clinical endeavors are relevant and in tune with the times to ensure that students are equipped to deal with every possible situation.

The strict study-based work is sometimes rotated with opportunities for students to attain clinical skills and also give them a chance to work with simulations. For the first two years, students study genetics, physiology, and how it affects people in their natural settings. Students get access to patients and can communicate with them in an out-patient setting. Some work under mentors where their progress is heavily monitored after which they begin clinical training during which they refresh basic topics. The final course prepares them for residency and encompasses teaching them about teamwork, working under pressure, career guidance, etc.

John Hopkins medical school also allows for combined degrees such as MD-PhD which spans over 6 to 8 years where students work under the top leading scientists not only in a professional environment but also in relaxed settings where they can have casual discussions related to their fields.

M.P.H degree enables graduates to deal with the public health crises on the rise through the latest scientific discoveries and well-formed ideas presented by gifted individuals working together. Students will be exposed to location-based evaluations of health. 

An MD/MBA degree is a great choice for people that are passionate about improved patient care through adjusting and re-structuring the system through strong management decisions when it comes to the public health care system.

We can assess that Johns Hopkins has made sure that there is a fixed and strong structure in terms of its curriculum as well as study-based work that ensures that students fully exert themselves to attain the best results in their careers. The workload is substantial but it is doable and works only in your favor.

Facilities at John Hopkins medical school

When one’s talking about the facilities at the John Hopkins medical school list goes very long. Perhaps, that is why the university is ranked among the highest universities by notable rankings such as

Here are some of the facilities that the university provides:

Conference Facilities

50-person conference room.

Video monitoring

Two Intensive Care Unit simulation rooms with one-way mirrors and video monitoring.

Student clubs

More than 350 student clubs including clubs in every field and with options to create one. Moreover, about 80% of students are involved in one or more of these 350+ student organizations.

Libraries and Museum

The Johns Hopkins Library System spreads in many parts of the campus and comprises over 3.6 million volumes altogether.



Admission Requirements and Eligibility Criteria in John Hopkins medical school

The acceptance rate at John Hopkins medical school is just 14.1%. So out of 100 students, only about 14 get a chance to experience the university. The acceptance rate is considered to be one of the very selective.

GPA and SAT Requirements

Meeting their GPA requirements and SAT requirements are among the starters to their filters. If however, you don’t meet their expectations, your chance of getting in is very low.  The average GPA is 3.74. Therefore, John Hopkins medical school requires you to be one of the toppers in your class. Moreover, an average SAT score at Harvard is 1510 which again is considered to be as competitive. 1400 on the New SAT places you below average, while 1580 will move you up to above average.

Application Requirements Overview

  • Common Application:  Accepted, supplemental forms required
  • Universal Application: Accepted, supplemental forms required
  • Electronic Application: Available
  • An essay or Personal Statement: Required for all freshmen
  • Letters of Recommendation: 2
  • Interview: Required
  • Application Fee: $70
  • Is a fee Waiver Available? Available

Deadlines and Early Admissions

  • Regular Admission: Yes, by January 3.
  • Early Action: Yes
  • Early Decision: No

Acceptance Rate: 13%

Admissions Office Information

1717 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20036

Admissions: 202-452-1940

Fee Structure of John Hopkins medical school

Undergraduate Cost

The total 2018-2019 cost of attending Johns Hopkin $53,400 for tuition without any aid from the university and $73,480 for tuition, room, and other expenses combined

Graduate-level in the Johns Hopkins medical school for year 2018/2019

Total tuition & fees:

School of Medicine


School of Nursing

  • Full-time MSN: $39,336
  • Full-time MSN/MPH: $54,144

Total living expenses: Approximately $25,000 per year.


Johns Hopkins was named in Forbes as “America’s Best Employer for Diversity”. You will find that people are very welcoming and amicable. Its inclusivity has led it around the globe and expand itself in places beyond the US. They welcome people on the basis of capability and not ethnicity.

Some of their notable alumni can be seen as not belonging to what would be considered the “locals”. This haven of acceptance and understanding is another reason why Johns Hopkins has excelled.

What can we do for you?

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