Brief History:

In 1961, Robert Johnson Medical School (RWJMS), was formed as Rutgers Medical School with a planning grant given by Kellogg Foundation. The first faculty members joined RWJMS in the fall of 1963, and in September 1966, 16 students were enrolled in the school. When the 2-years of instruction were ended, students were transferred to complete their medical education from other 4-year schools. After 4 years, Rutgers Medical School was united with New Jersey Medical School in Newark and the New Jersey Dental School to form the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (CMDNJ). In 1972, 32 students began their third and fourth year for the first time.

Students got their first doctor of medicine degrees from the college in 1974. RWJMS dedicated the school building in Piscataway in October 2003. There are 27 state-of-art scientific laboratories designed specifically for scientists in 2 departments and these laboratories occupy space of 90,000-square feet out of the 120,000-square foot of the building. A historic move was taken by the State of New Jersey in May 2004, for the national medical research by developing the state’s first supported stem cell research institute.

    Overview about the School:

    Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is recognized as one of the leading medical schools in the nation. RWJMS is dedicated to providing excellence in research, education, and health care delivery. The school is affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. In addition to this, it is also affiliated with 34 other hospitals and ambulatory care sites throughout the region. RWJMS was an academic unit of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in the past which was transferred to Rutgers later.

    RWJMS consists of 20 clinical and basic science departments and provides institutes and centers that involve the Child Health Institute of New Jersey, The Cardiovascular Institute, and the Women’s Health Institute. The medical school has two campuses; Brunswick and Piscataway, and educational programs are maintained for 1,500+ students at the UG, Graduate, and PG level on both of its campuses. The School provides educational courses for community health programs and healthcare professionals.     

    RWJMS at a Glance:

    Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is recognized around the globe because of its top-rated medical education. RJWMS trains more than 1,500 medical students every year. Few facts are enlisted below that you need to know about RJWMS:

  • There are more than 2,750 part-time, full-time and volunteer faculty members at school.
  • In 2011, clinical income for the school was more than $147M.
  • A total of 48 medical graduate programs are sponsored by the school, out of which 44 are recognized by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and 4 are authorized either by Specialty boards or without any option of authorization.
  • The School also provides charitable patient care, and the estimated cost for this is $38M annually.
  • In 2012, the school received about $89M in research grant awards, out of which around $50M was provided by the National Institutes of Health.
  • Strategic Aims:

  • Education:
  • Improve the academic learning environment.
  • Follow exceptional approaches to teaching and experimental learning.
  • Clinical:
  • Enhance patient satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Dedication to continual enhancement of clinical skills.
  • Dedication to the well-being and needs of patients.
  • Community:
  • A commitment to promote the health and well-being of the communities served.
  • Responsibility and trustworthiness in the execution of all duties.
  • Mission & Vision:

    RWJMS is committed to providing excellence in education and research to transform healthcare for the New Jersey and nation through advancements and innovation and by addressing the health of the various communities.

    Robert Wood Johnson Medical School will become the nation’s first leading high-value health care system; an outstanding example of the best health care system in New Jersey.

    Medical Education:

    A competence-based MD program is offered by RWJMS that delivers innovation, advance, and adaptable medical education.

    Dual Degree Programs:

    Following are dual degree programs offered by RWJMS to encourage physicians to develop their specialized interests during their medical school years by combining the MD with another degree:

  • MD/PhD
  • MD/MPH
  • MD/MBA
  • MD/JD
  • Distinction Programs:

    Distinction Programs at RWJMS support and recognize students who have shown exceptional involvement, accomplishment, and scholarship in specialized areas of medical education. Following are some of the distinction programs offered at RWJMS:

  • Distinction in Bioethics
  • Distinction in Global Health
  • Distinction in Leadership in Academic Healthcare
  • Distinction in Medical Education Program (DIME)
  • Distinction in Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship (DiMIE)
  • Distinction in Research (DIR)
  • Distinction in Service to the Community (DISC)

Admission Process:

    Admission Requirements:

    The MCAT and a minimum of 3 years of college consisting of 90 semester hours of college work (exclusive of military and physical education) are required. By the time of matriculation, applicants must have completed their bachelor’s degree. The MCAT must be taken within three years preceding the application and no later than December of the year of application. Early submission and completion of the application are strongly encouraged. The following undergraduate courses are required:

  • Biology or Zoology (with Laboratory): 2 semesters
  • Inorganic or General Chemistry (with laboratory): 2 semesters
  • Organic Chemistry (with laboratory): 1 semester
  • Biochemistry: 1 semester
  • Physics (with laboratory): 2 semesters
  • College Mathematics: 2 semesters (One semester maybe a statistics or biostatistics course. College Mathematics can include many types of mathematics, calculus or other courses.)
  • English: 2 semesters
  • Application Process:

  • AMCAS: Applications for admission in first-year class can be submitted through AMCAS.
  • Secondary Application: Upon receipt of the AMCAS application, applicants will receive an email directing them to complete a secondary application as well as to submit an $80 application fee. The secondary includes one page of short answers to be returned by e-mail.
  • Interview Process: RWJMS utilizes Multiple Mini Interview Stations (MMI). The MMI is a series of 7 interview stations consisting of timed interview scenarios. Applicants rotate through the stations, each with its interviewer and scenario. The individual members who participate in the MMI sessions will not have access to the AMCAS or Secondary application during the MMI session.
  • Residency & Fellowship Programs:

    With over 450 residents and fellows in more than 40 programs, RWJMS provides a broad range of outstanding training programs from primary care residencies to sub-specialty fellowships.


  • Anesthesiology
  • Adult Cardiothoracic
  • Pain Medicine
  • Dermatology

  • Dermatology
  • Emergency Medicine

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Emergency Ultrasound (non-accredited)
  • Family Medicine

  • Family Medicine (CentraState Medical Center)
  • Family Medicine (New Brunswick)
  • Geriatrics (CentraState Medical Center)
  • Geriatrics (New Brunswick)
  • Health Policy (New Brunswick)
  • Sports Medicine (New Brunswick)
  • Women’s Health (New Brunswick)(Non-accredited)
  • Internal Medicine

  • Internal Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Hematology/Oncology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Nephrology
  • Pulmonary/Critical Care
  • Rheumatology
  • Structural Heart (non-accredited)
  • Neurology

  • Neurology
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology

  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine (ABOG)
  • Orthopedic Surgery

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Pathology

  • Pathology
  • Hematopathology
  • Pediatrics

  • Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Neonatology
  • Pediatric Endocrinology
  • Pediatric Developmental-Behavioral
  • Occupational & Environmental Medicine

  • Occupational & Environmental Medicine – Preventive Medicine
  • Psychiatry

  • Psychiatry
  • Psychiatry Child and Adolescent
  • Psychiatry Forensic
  • Psych-Pharmacology (non-accredited)
  • Radiology

  • Radiology
  • Radiology Vascular Interventional
  • Radiation Oncology

  • Radiation Oncology
  • Medical Physics (CAMPEP)
  • Surgery

  • Acute Care Surgery Fellowship (AAST)
  • Breast Surgery (SSO)
  • Colon and Rectal Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • General Surgical Oncology
  • Integrated Vascular Surgery
  • Surgical Critical Care
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Urology

  • Urology
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – JFK

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Graduate Medical Education:

The School of Graduate Studies provides personalized academic support for approximately 5,200 Rutgers students enrolled in more than 150 doctoral, master’s, and dual degree programs across New Brunswick/Piscataway and Newark.

    D. Programs:

    Following are the Ph.D. Programs offered at RWJMS:

  • Biochemistry
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Environmental Sciences Exposure Sciences
  • Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
  • Neuroscience
  • Pharmacology (with a Cancer Biology Concentration)
  • Physiology
  • Toxicology
  • MD/Ph.D. Program:

    RWJMS offers MD/Ph.D. programs and drawing on experiences in both clinical medicine and basic research, past and present students in the RWJMS program have investigated the pathologic mechanisms underlying human disease in diverse fields including:

  • Cancer
  • Immunology
  • Genetic disease basis
  • Neuroscience
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Drug design
  • Inflammation
  • Infectious disease
  • Toxicology
  • Admission Process:

    When completing the AMCAS application, add the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) MD/Ph.D. program to your list of programs. After applying, you will be contacted by RWJMS to submit a brief secondary application and application fee ($80), which must be submitted no later than December 1. Although Dec. 1 is the final deadline, the school encourages students to apply as early as possible. If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified of the scheduled date for you to complete the medical school interview and MD/Ph.D. interviews.

    Masters Programs:

    Following is the list of Master’s Programs offered at RWJMS:

  • Masters of Biomedical Sciences
  • Masters of Science in Biomedical Sciences
  • Masters of Clinical and Translational Science
  • Masters of Science in Physiology and Integrative Biology

Programs for Undergraduate Students:

    Summer Clinical Internships for Undergraduates Interested in Medicine:

    Participants will have the opportunity to shadow clinical faculty members at the medical facilities in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The program runs 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

    Biomedical Careers Programs:

    The Biomedical Careers Program (BCP) is an intensive 6-week summer program offering academic enrichment in the sciences and health care orientated activities. BCP offers 3 levels of coursework and 6 different curricula for students at various stages of their undergraduate education.

    Summer Science Scholars’ Academy:

    The Summer Science Scholars Academy (S³A) is a fee-based three-week program. The curriculum focuses on exploring the human body through a series of lectures, organ laboratories, and clinical experiences. Students are also exposed to different health careers and various topics in public health through interactive small-group seminars.

Special Admission Programs:

    Academic Clinical Experiences Summer (ACES) Program:

    This program aims to facilitate a meaningful and worthwhile transition between undergraduate studies at Princeton and medical education at RWJMS for students from groups underrepresented in medicine or from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Access-Med Program:

    The medical school, inconjunct Rutgers RWJMS – Access-Medion with Rutgers University and Seton Hall University, has an articulated program for educationally and/or economically disadvantaged undergraduates interested in careers in medicine.

    Joint Bachelor/Medical Degree Program:

    Program is designed to permit the integration of basic medical sciences into the undergraduate curriculum to graduate broadly educated students who will assume leadership roles in medicine. Students apply to the program in their fourth semester at Rutgers University.

    Joint Bachelor/Medical Degree 4+4 Program:

    In this 4+4 program students will pursue undergraduate coursework, and at the same time have dedicated academic advising, physician shadowing opportunities, medical school mentorship, special undergraduate course opportunities, and an integrated commitment to engaging with both local and international Global Public Health initiatives and projects in partnership with the Office of Global Health at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and the Rutgers Global Health Institute.

    Joint PharmD/MD Program:

    This unique and highly selective program is designed to create an elite cadre of interdisciplinary practitioners, highly skilled in the disciplines of both pharmacy and medicine, and poised to provide leadership in collaborative clinical practice, academic research, public policy, and the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Anesthesiology
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Medicine and Community Health
  • Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Neuroscience and Cell Biology
  • Neurological Surgery
  • Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmacology
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Radiology
  • Surgery

  • Institutes:

  • The Cardiovascular Institute of New Jersey
  • Child Health Institute of New Jersey Child Health Institute of New Jersey
  • RWJMS Institute for Neurological Therapeutics Institute for Neurological Therapeutics
  • Women’s Health Institute Women’s Health Institute

  • Centers:

  • Center for Dermatology
    • Affiliated Hospitals:

    • Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
    • Jersey Shore University Medical Center
    • University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro
    • Saint Peter’s University Hospital
    • Raritan Bay Medical Center
    • Bayshore Community Hospital
    • Capital Health Regional Medical Center
    • Capital Health Medical Center—Hopewell
    • Carrier Clinic
    • CentraState Medical Center
    • Children’s Specialized Hospital
    • Deborah Heart and Lung Center
    • Hunterdon Medical Center
    • JFK Medical Center — Muhlenberg Campus
    • Monmouth Medical Center
    • Morristown Medical Center
    • Ocean Medical Center
    • Overlook Medical Center
    • Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton
    • Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Rahway
    • Riverview Medical Center
    • Francis Medical Center
    • Joseph’s Regional Medical Center
    • University Behavioral Health Care
    • VA New Jersey Health Care System Lyons Campus
    • Virtua Memorial
    • Virtua Voorhees
    • Luke’s Warren
    • Robert Wood Johnson Health Network

    Location & Contact Information:

    • Location: Clinical Academic Building (CAB, 125 Paterson St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, United States.
    • Contact:
    • Department of Medicine: (732) 235-7739
    • Department of Medicine Elective Rotations: (732) 235-6191
    • Fellowship Training Programs: (732) 235-7705
    • Email:
  • Department of Medicine Elective Rotations:
  • Fellowship Training Programs:

  • RWJMS Facilities:

    • Food & Dining Services: Dining Services of RWJMS reflect the variations in the services to meet the expectations of the students by customizing programs and services. Some of the option available at the school are:
    • Woody’s Café: Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) Building, 675 Hoes Lane West, Piscataway
    • Busch Dining: 608 Bartholomew Road, Piscataway adjacent to the Busch Student Center
    • Faculty & Staff Dining Hall: 608 Bartholomew Road, Piscataway adjacent to the Busch Student Center.
    • Vending Machines: Located in the SPH and RWJMS buildings on the main level.
    • RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center: The primary goal of the Recreation and Wellness Center is to improve the quality of life for faculty, students, and staff with the scope to recreate in a fun, safe, friendly, and professional environment. Some of the highlights of the RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center are mentioned below:
    • Expansive fitness floor with a large selection of state-of-the-art cardio equipment with personal viewing screens.
    • Free weight area with a wide variety of strength training equipment.
    • There are unlimited group fitness classes offered which include Pilates, aqua, cycle, Zumba, yoga, and much more.
    • Comprehensive Aquatic Center with a lap pool, therapy pool & spa pool.
    • Full amenity locker rooms with sauna & steam rooms.
    • Complimentary child care with closed-circuit monitoring.
    • On and Off-Campus Housing: Housing for School of Graduate Studies students is available in Rutgers dorms. Off-Campus Housing Services was formed to assist students to find housing off-campus. This information basically, provides all the necessary information on houses available in the local area. A complete list of apartments, houses, and dorm rooms available for rent near the Piscataway campus is provided on the school’s housing website. The office number for housing is 732-445-0750.
    • Transportation Facility: The transportation service provided by RWJMS is dedicated to providing the best possible ways for getting to the campus easily to its students, faculty, staff and all the other members of the university. An inter-campus bus and shuttle system service known as The Rutgers-New Brunswick/Piscataway is provided for all of the 5 campuses. Transportation from, to and on-campus include public transportation, campus shuttle, and bus services.

    After Getting into RWJMS:

    There are some tips and tricks that need to be kept in mind to effectively get through Medicine School by demonstrating excellent performance and utilization of skills.

    It is a renowned fact known world-wide that Medicine School is no joke. It requires effort, long sleepless hours, immense hard work, meeting deadlines, and so forth. Thus it is especially essential to follow some core fundamental techniques to get you by.

      Perform daily study:

      This phrase is the most commonly used phrase across the world. But this holds integral importance when it comes to Medicine School. And why is that? Because tackling medicine school on a day-to-day basis is the sole way of ensuring a representable place in the classroom. Medicine school requires versatility in nature, adaptability in routine, resilient and tough working hours where you can either make or break; depending on the way you take this experience. Thus, it is imperative to perform a day-to-day study to ensure your survival; which becomes a necessity, if not an option to many students.

      Ability to meet deadlines:

      Ability to meet deadlines is an integral part of any institute around the world. This is the primary need of any institute be it medicine, business, engineering, etc. Meeting deadlines timely is specifically required of the student. If the student, for any reason, is unable to meet his/her deadlines; this, as a result, portrays a lack of professionalism, inability or unwillingness to learn thereby reckoning survival impossible.

      Study smartly:

      Studying non-stop or studying 18 hours out of 24 hours is an extremely common phenomenon among the students in Medicine School. This capability of long hours of studying by the students sometimes may eliminate or diminish the ‘smart study’ factor. This occurs due to students being overly stressed, paralyzing their brains from thinking smartly or outside the box. Situations like these give rise to long unproductive studying sessions, which consequently, bear no fruit.

      Najeeb’s Lectures:

      To say the least, these lectures have been a game-changer. These lectures transformed productively and innovatively, the way students study and demonstrate their hard work and their skills. It cannot be emphasized adequately as to how crucial and how much importance every lecture holds in the field of Medicine. Every lecture defines the paradigms of future lectures, thereby missing out on a single lecture create conceptual distortions and ambiguities, thereby paralyzing future concepts. But in the worst of scenarios, there could be valid reasons surrounding the need to leave a lecture. That’s when Dr. Najeeb’s lectures come into play. These lectures shed light on many crucial concepts to facilitate future concepts.

      These lectures are a click away, and the way they enlighten the students on the puzzling and technical concepts in an easy way is mind-blowing. The subjects encompassing these lectures are Neuro-Anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology. The teaching style in these lectures is extremely versatile and flexible; this is because students all over the world are viewing these lectures and this quality is accommodated by adapting to a diverse set of teaching skills, making it comprehensible for the students viewing it.

      Furthermore, incorporation of visual representation is also accommodated to aid in betting understandability of the vast concepts surrounding this field. The use of the application, with the vast Internet usage, makes it easier and simpler for students to view the lectures from their phones because the availability of laptops may not always be present. Lastly, these lectures will transform your life in the best way possible, if given a fair chance to do so. Furthermore, following these tips will also ensure the necessary success in this field.

      Don’t give up and never lose hope, keep our tricks and tips in mind and Good luck!

      For more information, please visit their official website.


    Here’s what students are saying about Dr. Najeeb Lectures.

    Lizi Klein Los Angeles, California
    Lizi Klein
    This is singularly the best investment I made for the first year of medical school. Each video is a jackpot of information with amazing drawings, great energy, and a phenomenal professor!
    Kathryn Giroux Whitefish, Ontario
    Kathryn Giroux
    Currently, the only things saving my embryology and 1st-trimester ultrasound marks - keep the wealth of education flowing! Highly recommended!
    Maryam Moradi The University of Texas, Austin
    Maryam Moradi
    I bought lifetime access because I believe there is no better source for learning the foundation of medicine. I strongly recommend him to anyone who cares about true learning and not merely memorizing!
    Jackson David Reynolds University of North Georgia
    Jackson David Reynolds
    Dr. Najeeb Lectures are top notch. Comprehensive medical lectures of the utmost quality across all preclinical (and many clinical) topics. Fantastic for deepening one's understanding for clinical practice and licensing/board examinations.
    Jacob Joseph Columbus, Ohio
    Jacob Joseph
    Dr. Najeeb is the single most spectacular medical teacher you will ever have! I love this man. He has clarified everything from the coagulation cascade, immunology, neurology, and embryology. His sense of humor and brilliant illustrations make everything stick well in your memory. His ability to illustrate 3-dimensional relationships has been useful for excelling in anatomy. I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful work you do. I recommend your lectures to anyone who wants to truly understand medicine!
    Ann Ilaria Mayrhofer London School of Hygiene.
    Ann Ilaria Mayrhofer
    I'm grappling with my online studies in Infectious Disease at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It's made me realize what a visual learner I still am. So these vids are making what was murky crystal clear. While I am easily distracted when I have to do hours of straight reading, I am glued to the videos. I've looked for a series of such videos for months. A million thanks - Dr Najeeb has a true passion for teaching and can convey highly complex topics in an understandable and fun way.


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