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About RUSH University Medical School


    RUSH University Medical School has been part of the Chicago community, with a history spanning more than 175 years, longer than any other health care provider. This began with Rush Medical College, the town’s first medical school and one of the Midwest’s oldest. Powered by passionate faculty, students, researchers, residents and fellows, the University today continues the traditions of exceptional health care education, research and community service that have been with us from the very start. Rush University is the academic and schooling branch of the Rush University medical center. Established in 1972, the institute educates and hosts over 2700 students combining both online study and on-campus students. The university proudly represents almost 20 different nationalities from around the world and strives to expand even further to cater to the needs of its people. RUSH takes on responsibility towards education and learning with great zeal and zest. It combines passion with the duty to learn and grow, to train and produce the most well-balanced individuals to take on the challenges of the world. These individuals are not only exceptional in terms of knowledge or educational experience but also adept in the application of this knowledge in clinical practice


    Rush University provides an excellent education in the health sciences and performs impressive and impactful work in an inclusive community, centered on supporting and protecting the health and well-being of our diverse communities.

  • Upon completion of their studies, Rush University graduates will be able to do the following:
  • Demonstrate critical inquiry and logic needed by their respective professional disciplines.
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully in the practice of their career.
  • Demonstrate scholarship and understanding of values of research.
  • Integrating ethical principles into professional activities.
  • Working within inter-professional teams through leadership.
  • Integrate IT to improve health outcomes.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a diverse and global society.
  • Vision

    The Rush learning network will be the leading university in health sciences dedicated to improving health care through groundbreaking research and education.

  • The leading center for health care delivery and health sciences education.
  • The national leader in innovation and development in the health sciences.
  • A blueprint for a lively and engaging university experience.
  • Values

    The core values of Rush University are innovation, collaboration, accountability, respect, and excellence. These are the roadmap for the mission and vision, as stated by RUSH itself. No better representation or words can be used.

Admissions in RUSH University Medical School

RUSH supports different schools of interest to prospective students and the admission requirements vary according to the destination of the applicant. RUSH highly focuses on the incoming freshmen and seeks passionate and driven students to partake in its prestigious institution.

    Doctor of Medicine (MD) Admissions Requirements

    Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission to the MD program:

  • Citizenship of the United States, permanent residence of the United States or Deferred Childhood Arrival (DACA) status
  • Completion of a baccalaureate from a four-year college or university accredited in the United States or an institution located in Canada
  • Completion of the admission test for the medical college (MCAT)
  • For post-baccalaureate courses, as applicable: submission of grades through AMCAS for at least 24 hours of post-baccalaureate courses to achieve a strong academic foundation in the basic sciences
  • RUSH Graduate College Admissions Requirements

    The College of Graduates provides access to a research environment. It offers MS and Ph.D. degrees in biomedical sciences and trains students to be leaders of the next generation through rigorous training courses, academic training, professional development and community outreach for students at all stages of their lives and careers.

  • All the materials are obtained from the online application framework. Below is a list of the materials required for completing the application process.
  • Application form-To apply, you must create an account.
  • Unofficial transcripts-You will need an unofficial copy of your transcript from each college and university you attend. The copies should only be uploaded online through the application system.
  • Grade point average-GPAs have to be adjusted to a scale of 4.0.
  • Standardized test scores – GRE scores must be submitted by applicants applying for the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Programme. Please upload a copy of your ETS score report with your application online (even if you have already sent it to the Graduate College in an official copy via ETS). Applicants applying for the MS program in Biotechnology and Clinical Research can submit GRE, MCAT, PCAT, GMAT or DAT scores.
  • TOEFL scores – for international applicants who have received a diploma from a university in which English is not the language of instruction, scores must be submitted. TOEFL ratings will be excluded for non-native English speakers who have graduated from a US accredited institution with a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and who have shown language skills assisted by the interview.
  • Applicant fee – A request fee of $50 is charged for applying.
  • CV/Resume – A resume or curriculum vitae is required and should include academic honors, college and/or graduate awards, employment history, internships, summer research programs, history of education, etc.
  • Statement of purpose – Describe your current research priorities as they contribute to your desire to complete the program you are applying to.
  • Three letters of recommendation-Letters of recommendation will come from professional or academic sources. The letters must be uploaded by your recommenders via the online application.
  • International students (with a degree outside the United States) must also submit:
  • Official English as a Foreign Language Scores Test (TOEFL) Send scores to Rush using code 1676 for the school. If you have completed your degree in a country where English is the official language, we will waive the TOEFL requirement. We do not accept scores on the international English language testing system.
  • Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) Certified course by course report. Send transcripts internationally to ECE for evaluation. Next, they will directly email the formal evaluation to Rush. We do not recognize World Education Service evaluations.
  • Residents of Rush and fellows must apply ratings for United States Medical Licensing Review (USMLE).

RUSH University Medical School Departments

  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
  • Cell & Molecular Medicine
  • Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Microbial Pathogens and Immunity
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurological Sciences
  • Neurological Surgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Physiology & Biophysics
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Surgery


Most of the funds available don’t need you to submit a particular application. The following is what you need to do to get a grant or scholarship:


    funds are limited and first-come-first-serve awards are available. Students are encouraged to apply materials about their applications early each year. Documentation needed to determine eligibility for need-based aid include all students submitting the FAFSA application and the Projected Enrollment Form for the hourly billed programs. Student eligibility for needs-based support will be determined based on FAFSA’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC). When students apply for need-based aid, they will be informed on their annual financial aid package.


    You are considered automatically either through the admission process or after grades are finalized.

    Other criteria:

    The Student Financial Aid Office will contact you for grants and scholarships which require a separate application or which require you to identify yourself for consideration.

    Below is the list of available scholarship programs:

  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
  • Illinois Monetary Award Programs Grants 
  • Advanced Education Nursing Traineeships 
  • Nurse Anesthetist Traineeships
  • National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program
  • Nursing Education Scholarship Program
  • Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois 
  • Abbott & Fenner
  • AfterCollege/AACN Scholarship Fund for Nursing Students
  • AMBUCS Therapy Student Scholarship
  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing
  • American Indian College Fund
  • American Indian Graduate Center $
  • American Medical Association
  • American Medical Women’s Association
  • Ampronix College Scholarship Program
  • Army Nurse Corps Association
  • Davis Scholarship
  • Cancer Nursing Scholarships
  • Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke
  • Student-Caregiver Scholarship
  • ChameleonJohn
  • Children’s Health Scholarships
  • Chinese American Medical
  • Chinese American Physicians Society
  • Citrix RightSignature Signature Stories Scholarship
  • CompHealth Medical Scholarship
  • CourseHorse Learner’s Scholarship
  • Crush the USMLE Scholarship Program
  • Downer’s Grove Back to Books
  • Charles E. Gavin Memorial Scholarship
  • Dronethusiast Women in Science Scholarship
  • DuPage County Medical Society Foundation
  • Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund
  • Fiesta del Sol Guadalupe A. Reyes Scholarship Program
  • GoodCall Scholarship
  • Hellenic Medical Society of New York
  • Herbert W Nickens Award
  • HIAS Academic Scholarships
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund

RUSH University Medical School Experience

What sets the University of Rush apart? There’s the location— a medical center of world-class in a world-class city. The team seasoned educators take forward-thinking learning approaches and the growth opportunities whether through clinical training, community service, and testing or campus operation.

    RUSH University Medical School Student Affairs

    Student Affairs staff are committed to providing an environment that will improve the academic experience of each student. In partnership with students, faculty, and staff, we aim to recognize our student body’s needs and develop programs and services to meet those needs, from class registration to funding your education, to sports, social and emotional wellbeing, and more.

    Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

    The Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs office’s mission is to develop health care professionals who reflect the communities, patients and regions that we serve and have gained an understanding of the many forms of diversity and inclusion that take place. The Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs Office (SDMA) works with students, faculty, and staff to create and maintain a welcoming and inclusive university atmosphere for people of all backgrounds. This is accomplished in many ways:

  • Collaboration Months: The Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs Office (SDMA) works with students, faculty, and staff to create and maintain a welcoming and inclusive university atmosphere for people of all backgrounds.
  • Beginning in the academic year of the fall of 2018-2019, incoming students from all four colleges will be offered a 6-session certificate program to deepen their knowledge of unconscious bias in the healthcare system and ways to speak up against biases.
  • Affinity Group: The office of SDMA provides support and mentorship to the members of the Student Affinity Group to organize lunch-n-learns, film screenings, festivals, and educational activities. These organizations are organizing co-curricular activities in conjunction with the SDMA office that raises awareness and recognition for the many forms of diversity at Rush.
  • Student Affinity Groups

  • Student Affinity Group American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
  • American Women Surgeons
  • Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)
  • Interprofessional Minority Student Association (IMSA)
  • Jewish Students Association (JSA)
  • Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)
  • Rush Christian Fellowship (RCF)
  • Rush Muslim Student Association (RMSA)
  • Rush PRIDE
  • Rush University Diversity and Inclusion (RUDI)
  • South Asian Students Association (SASA)
  • Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
  • Accessibility and Accommodation

    Rush University is committed to recruiting and educating students in line with its goal of promoting diversity among its student population, which will help make the population of health care professional’s representative of the national population including people with disabilities. Additionally, Rush University is committed to ensuring equal access for students with disabilities to its facilities, programs, and services.

    A student must have a documented disability as defined in the 1973 ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to be eligible for accommodations. A reasonable accommodation is a modification or improvement to educational activity, facility, program or service providing an equal opportunity for an eligible student with a disability. The ADA and Section 504 both describe disability as being:

  • A physical or mental disability that significantly restricts one or more of the individual’s major life activities
  • A record of such impairment
  • A record of such impairment.
  • Please contact the Student Accessibility Services Office to ensure your privacy is protected and a diligent collaborative process.

    Rush Core Laboratories

    Collaboration is the key to making research successful. The physicians and scientists have been working together since the Rush Medical College opened its doors in 1837 to unlock the secrets of medical science and use what they have discovered to improve health care. With more than 1,600 basic, clinical and population studies underway at Rush aimed at decoding disease mechanisms, developing new treatments and making health care more personal and proactive, it’s a tradition that the university continues to the present. Nonetheless, medical research today also requires access to specialized tools and sophisticated technology that most individual laboratories can’t afford. Rush’s collaborative approach has proved invaluable in this field. Rush core laboratories provide both Rush and external researchers with access to facilities that provide state-of-the-art instruments, equipment, and technologies necessary for many modern researchers. The core laboratories are operated and staffed by professional inspectors and technicians who can maximize experimental performance and allow you to rapidly and efficiently acquire the data that your project needs. The Rush Cores can also train your workers to operate some of our instruments, an ability that can be of particular value if you need to examine multiple samples over an extended period.

    Core Laboratories

  • Rush Proteomics Research Core (Animesh Barua, Ph.D., director)
  • Rush Internal Medicine Drug Discovery and Imaging Core (Steve Mangos, Ph.D., director)
  • Electron microscopy facility
  • High-content screening systems
  • Confocal and live-cell microscopy facility
  • Rush MicroCT and Histology Core (Rick Sumner, Ph.D., director)
  • Rush Biomarker Development Core (Jeffrey Borgia, Ph.D., director)
  • Rush Flow Cytometry Core (Alan Landay, Ph.D., director)
  • Rush miRNA Core (Animesh Barua, Ph.D., director)
  • Rush Biological Safety Laboratory Level 3 Containment Core (James Bremer, Ph.D., director)
  • Rush University Biorepository Core (Jeffrey Borgia, Ph.D., director)
  • Rush Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core (Bala Hota, MD, bioinformatics lead
  • Research at Rush University School of Medicine

    Research at Rush University is flourishing. The university is investing in clinical, basic science and community-based work to advance our knowledge of how diseases function and how best to handle them, which can improve Rush and around the globe patient care. At Rush, the faculty’s research contributions generate meaningful publications, value-driven care, lifesaving drugs and cutting edge innovations, ranging from omics-based discoveries to the next drug or device breakthrough. The research teams are continuously progressing towards measured, peer-affirmed outcomes that enhance the quality of life and understanding of the human condition. The Research Affairs Office, or ORA, has relationships with faculty and staff as they pursue funding, undertake clinical studies, develop alliances, fund steward, request grants, negotiate contracts for industry, and obtain patents and licensing agreements.

    The ORA consists of seven separate divisions that strive to provide high-quality service, support, and advice to the Rush research enterprise, faculty, staff, and students. The ORA branches, together with their respective leaders, include the following:

  • Clinical Research Administration
  • Innovation & Technology Transfer
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use
  • Research Administration Shared Services
  • Research Regulatory Operations
  • Sponsored Programs Administration
  • Technologies Supporting Research
  • While Rush continues to invest more in the faculty researchers ‘ progress, Rush is growing the funded award base, adding research participants, investing in technology, building new core facilities, improving research security and continuing to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

    Sports Medicine Program at Rush University Medical School

    Sports and exercise are perfect ways to stay fit, have fun and push yourself. So when you are sidelined by an injury, you want doctors with the skills to get you back to the game as soon as possible. You will consider this skill at Rush, home to the Chicago White Sox squad of doctors, Chicago Bulls, DePaul University Blue Demons, U.S. soccer and rugby, Hubbard Street Dance Company, and rugby, Hubbard Street Dance Company, and many other teams, schools, and organizations. Rush’s sports medicine doctors diagnose and treat athletes of all ages from weekend warriors to pro athletes and have the expertise to treat even the most complex injuries. They strive to alleviate your pain and restore function, whether you have a throwing injury, a “jumper’s knee,” a stress fracture, muscle tear or other problems. Rush University Medical Center ranks No. 7 in U.S. orthopedics nationally. News & World Report, with internationally respected orthopedic surgeons whose research findings and groundbreaking approaches to care help patients at Rush and around the world.


    Rush University is developing a new master facility plan to support Rush’s vision for education, patient care, study and interaction with the community. A block of apartments at Tailor Lofts Student Apartments has been purchased by Rush University to meet current and future housing needs while the new master facility plan emerges. Tailor Lofts Student Apartments are located one mile east of Rush’s campus, on the Blue Line train just two stops away. The amenities at Tailor Lofts Student Apartments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 24-hour security presence on the first floor
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the entire building
  • 24-hour Mac computer center with printing capabilities
  • 24-hour fitness center Laundry and recycling facilities on each floor Kitchen in each unit (including microwave, stove and full-size fridge)
  • Rush has been partnering with Student Apartments at Tailor Lofts to secure special rates for students at Rush. In addition to their tuition fees and related student fees, licensed Rush students staying at Tailor Lofts will have their housing costs billed through the University to ensure additional convenience.

    2 bedroom, 2 bath


    4 bedroom, 3 bath


    4 bedroom, 4 bath





    Additional information on student housing off-campus, Chicago neighborhoods and transportation was compiled in a guide that can be downloaded.

    Dining Facilities

    At Rush, you’ll find many easy dining options. Both restaurants are accepting most of the major credit cards.

  • West Side Food Hall
  • Common Grounds coffee kiosk
  • Au Bon Pain restaurants
  • Professional Building
  • Triangle Office Building
  • The Tower
  • Subway restaurant
  • Angel’s
  • La Lagartija Taqueria
  • The Ogden
  • Park Tavern
  • Pompei

Hacks to succeed in a RUSH University Medical School

    Be at Ease

    You know from day one in medical school that you will be signing on to your office for a lot of hours. So just settle down. Create a study space that is not only clean and organized but also relaxing. Start with an ergonomic chair (and any cushions that in hours of study campaigns will make things easier on your posture). Then invest in a desk that provides you with the very best workspace. You may even ask older students or practicing physicians for office furniture where they like to shop. Just make sure you have all the little accompaniments of a comfortable desk. Find good noise-canceling headphones to keep in a nearby cabinet and a “hydration station” with a water carafe or a portable humidifier.

    Backup your notes

    On multiple accounts this advice is helpful. To begin with, of course, to back up your notes means extra security no worries about losing important documents or accidentally destroying notebooks by accident. But it’s also a great strategic analysis. When you take handwritten notes, copying them will improve the concepts; when you print pdfs or slideshows, go over them with a highlighter and highlight the important parts. Make sure you back up any digital notes you save to your physical hard drive and the cloud. Consider investing in a notebook enabled by Evernote, such as this Moleskine, so you can take notes in the field and upload them on valuable break time.

    Dr Najeeb’s Lectures

    Medicine is one of the most complex and time-consuming fields of study. Only the genuinely cautious and the extremely committed still dream to consider a career in medicine. Medicine is rightly described as a hard field because a person’s life can rely on your learning and performance skills and abilities. University is a place to learn and research, but also a refuge for so much more. This is your last shelter before getting into the real world. It is the last place you’re in, testing your limits to define your passion, and pursuing your dreams. It is through this complex process that you emerge victorious and ready to face the world, which isn’t just academic. While the study can get tough and frustrating at university, especially through medicine. Though it is possible to manage one’s social life, one’s academic life may often fall behind. The complex formulas and theories, the many hours’ input and perseverance are needed. But this is not a cause for concern or disappointment, because there is a way of enjoying a completely fantastic social life and not having to fall back into your academic life. The solution comes in the form of very precise and focused studies. These clearly explained theorems and insightful lectures promoting existence so much. “Dr. Najeeb’s Lectures are world-renowned for their efficacy and usefulness. Dr. Najeeb’s Lectures are the world’s most popular medical Lectures, covering all the topics of Gross Anatomy, Neuro-anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology. They are video lectures that cover almost all the topics in the current medical curriculum of most medical colleges. They contain visualization of what you study in your books. The hand-drawn illustrations in these lectures make it very easy to grasp the concepts. Furthermore, one can get lifetime access to these lectures and even download the app to avail them anytime, anywhere.

    You are the Priority

    Don’t allow a burnout doctor to hit until you work alone. Use time to relax and enjoy time with friends, not to start planning your next test. Caring for your body too. Next time you get a chance, schedule a fun activity or go to a yoga studio. Find a weekly ritual of relaxation that you make an absolute must-read a book in a comforting atmosphere or spend a couple of hours with a favorite old movie. Such moves that feel like idle time, but when you are once again in the middle of hard work, you can look back on those memories with fondness.

    In the end, we will like to remind you that you are very capable and you will get all that you desire from life. Just remember to work hard and stay firm in all kinds of situations. Best of Luck.  


Here’s what students are saying about Dr. Najeeb Lectures.

Lizi Klein Los Angeles, California
Lizi Klein
This is singularly the best investment I made for the first year of medical school. Each video is a jackpot of information with amazing drawings, great energy, and a phenomenal professor!
Kathryn Giroux Whitefish, Ontario
Kathryn Giroux
Currently, the only things saving my embryology and 1st-trimester ultrasound marks - keep the wealth of education flowing! Highly recommended!
Maryam Moradi The University of Texas, Austin
Maryam Moradi
I bought lifetime access because I believe there is no better source for learning the foundation of medicine. I strongly recommend him to anyone who cares about true learning and not merely memorizing!
Jackson David Reynolds University of North Georgia
Jackson David Reynolds
Dr. Najeeb Lectures are top notch. Comprehensive medical lectures of the utmost quality across all preclinical (and many clinical) topics. Fantastic for deepening one's understanding for clinical practice and licensing/board examinations.
Jacob Joseph Columbus, Ohio
Jacob Joseph
Dr. Najeeb is the single most spectacular medical teacher you will ever have! I love this man. He has clarified everything from the coagulation cascade, immunology, neurology, and embryology. His sense of humor and brilliant illustrations make everything stick well in your memory. His ability to illustrate 3-dimensional relationships has been useful for excelling in anatomy. I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful work you do. I recommend your lectures to anyone who wants to truly understand medicine!
Ann Ilaria Mayrhofer London School of Hygiene.
Ann Ilaria Mayrhofer
I'm grappling with my online studies in Infectious Disease at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It's made me realize what a visual learner I still am. So these vids are making what was murky crystal clear. While I am easily distracted when I have to do hours of straight reading, I am glued to the videos. I've looked for a series of such videos for months. A million thanks - Dr Najeeb has a true passion for teaching and can convey highly complex topics in an understandable and fun way.


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