SMS Medical College – Sawai Mansingh Medical College, Jaipur

SMS Medical College - Sawai Mansingh Medical College, Jaipur

About SMS Medical College:

SMS Medical College was established in 1947, it is located in Jaipur Rajasthan. It is affiliated with the  the Rajasthan University of Health Science. SMS Medical College is one of the most prestigious and oldest medical colleges in Rajasthan. It is ranked 30th amongst the medical colleges of India. SMS Medical College is a government based medical college. The Institute provides modern facilities and best service to its students. SMS Medical College has highly qualified, determinate, and devoted teaching staff who always support the students in every field. SMS Medical College aims to provide a high standard of medical education to all undergraduate and postgraduate students. It also focuses on teaching the values of ethical medical practice. Ultimately aiming to produce highly professional competent physicians.

SMS Medical College is recognized by the following for both, running MBBS course and Postgraduate programs:

  • Medical Council of India

Courses Offered:


    For undergraduates, SMS Medical College offers the MBBS courses, BSc Nursing.


    The course for Postgraduate degree is 3 years long and the Postgraduate diploma is 2 years long.

    Below is the list of all courses offered by SMS Medical College:


  • MS General Surgery
  • MS Anatomy
  • MS Ophthalmology
  • MS E.N.T
  • MS Orthopedics
  • MS Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • MSC Medical Anatomy
  • MSC Medical Biochemistry
  • MSC Microbiology
  • MSC Pathology
  • MSC Physiology


  • MD Pediatric
  • MD Anesthesiology
  • MD General Medicine
  • MD Pathology
  • MD Microbiology
  • MD Radio Diagnosis
  • MD Preventive and Social Medicine
  • MD Psychiatry
  • MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • MD Forensic Medicine
  • MD Physical Medicine
  • MD Dermatology
  • MD Biochemistry
  • MD Social and Preventive Medicine
  • MD Transfusion Medicine
  • MD Pharmacology


  • Ch Neuro Surgery
  • Ch Pediatric Surgery
  • Ch Urology
  • Ch Cardio Thoracic Surgery
  • Ch Plastic Surgery

    Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Child Health
  • Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis
  • Diploma in Public Health
  • Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Diploma in Immuno Hematology and Blood Transfusion
  • Diploma in Ophthalmology
  • Diploma in Forensic Medicine
  • Diploma in Anesthesiology

Eligibility Criteria:

For a candidate to qualify for application of admission to SMS Medical College, following are the requirements:

    Undergraduate (MBBS):

    1. The applicant must have passed 10+2 / A level / IB / American 12th grade or any equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Biotechnology and English as majors from a recognized board.
    2. The applicants must have secured at least 50% marks in all the science subjects combined of the qualifying examination.
    3. The lower age limit is of 17 years on the 31st December of the year of admission.
    4. Foreign applicants are required to submit the following:
  • A No Objection Certificate from the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi.
  • ‘Equivalence Certificate’ from Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi who will equate their qualifications as equivalent to the 10+2 of India. 
  • A Student Visa.
  • A Residential Certificate.
    1. The selection of candidates is solely conducted on the basis of the valid rank obtained in the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) 2020 and through centralized common counseling conducted by DGHS.


    1. The applicant applying for the Postgraduate programs should have passed the MBBS examination from a recognized Medical college that is affiliated to any University recognized by the MCI.
    2. The applicants must have completed a year of Compulsory Rotating Internship in a Medical institute recognized by the MCI.
    3. The applicant must have registered their MBBS degree with their respective State Medical Council.
    4. The selection of applicants will be solely on valid rank obtained in the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET).
    5. Foreign applicants must be registered practitioners in the country from where they have obtained their degree and are required to obtain a temporary registration certificate from Medical Council of India.

Tuition Fees:

    Undergraduate (MBBS):


    Fee (INR)





    Fee (INR)













Application Process:

Applicants looking for admission in different degrees and diploma programs offered by SMS Medical College are required to enroll and appear in the respective exams. To apply for SMS Medical College, the candidate needs to follow the succeeding steps:

  • Visit the institute to obtain their prospectus along with the application form by paying the application fee.
  • Fill in the form very carefully and mention the courses of interest to get admitted to.
  • Attach the required documents with the form.
  • Submit the completed form to the admissions office.

    Required Documents:

    The following documents (as required by candidate’s chosen degree) should be attached with the application form:

    1. Metric and 10+2 marks sheet and passing certificate.
    2. Bachelor’s degree and mark sheet.
    3. Entrance exam admit card and score card.
    4. MBBS mark sheet and degree.
    5. Migration Certificate.
    6. Character Certificate.
    7. Caste Certificate (if applicable).
    8. Registration as Medical Practitioner.
    9. Equivalence Certificate (if applicable).

    Important Dates:

    These dates are according to the year 2018:

    Entry Test Name

    Application Start Date

    Application End Date

    Exam Date


    February 8

    March 12

    May 6


    September 26

    November 27

    January 7


SMS Medical College believes in imparting not only excellent education but providing for its students the finest facilities in all regards. To make available an environment which is not only comprised of elementary necessities but with all best possible facilities to hep the students grow into most accomplished and expert physicians.

The Institute brings about an environment with the unsurpassed infrastructural facilities. Perfecting the services at campus are well equipped labs, classrooms, internet access along with many more.


  • L’Oréal India For Young Women in Science Scholarship Programme
  • Sir Ratan Tata merit scholarship
  • Fedbank Hormis Memorial Foundation Scholarship
  • Foundation of Academic Excellence and Access Scholarship Programme
  • MAS Undergraduate Scholarship
  • J N Tata Endowment Scholarship Programme


    The SMS Medical College Medical College Library was established in the Year 1947. Dr. Robert Heilig had immensely contributed to the establishment and advancement of the Library and thus it was named as Dr. Robert Heilig Library on 14th September 1976. Earlier, the Library was housed in the main college building occupying just one wing in the college. The new Library building was Constructed & inaugurated on 4th July 2001. The library has a collection of over 1,00,000 volumes of reports, documents, references, textbooks, and bound journals. It has a remarkably rich collection containing Abstracts, Directories, Yearbooks, Biographical sources, Textbooks, Thesis, Dissertations, Encyclopedias, and General books besides the hardcover bounded back issues of Journals which are being subscribed by the Library since its inception. SMS Medical College is one of the few Govt. Medical Colleges in the country to have this facility for Faculty, Residents and Students.

    The Central Library Sections:

    The central library is the biggest Library at SMS Medical College and it contains the following sections:

    1. Staff reading room.
    2. Interns reading room.
    3. Rooms for librarian and other staff.
    4. Microfilm reading, Video and audio L C D. Projector room.
    5. Current journals room.
    6. Back volume of periodicals room.
    7. Air-conditioned computer room with Medlar & internet facility.
    8. Undergraduate Section.
    9. Group Discussion rooms.
    10. Individual Study rooms.
    11. SMS Medical College Library provides the following facilities:

    Library Services:

    1. Document Circulation Center
    2. The books are issued to Interns, Postgraduate Students, Research Scholars and Faculty Members. Bound/unbound journals, audio-visual materials and CD-ROMs are for in-house use only.

    4. References Services is a personal aid provided to the user by the library staff in interpreting library collection for study and research. The Library staff assists users to locate the needed information from the available information resources. On the basis of collection, library provides services to its users.

    6. Through this services library provides photocopies of articles from journals and books to the users as and when requested further users can also send and receive Fax messages from the library.

    8. Through this service library provides audio and video cassettes CD’s slides of teaching programs, in the A.V. Room.

    10. The computer lab of the library offers the following computer services to users

      • Internet browsing and online journals access.
      • Facilities for preparing presentation materials such as slides, transparencies and color scanning
      • Assisting the students and faculty members for editing projects/thesis, data analysis, setting the file to the required quality of print and printing.
      • Color scanning CD writing, with laser printing and DOT matrix printing.
    12. The CD-ROM collection of the library contains bibliographical databases, Full-text databases, and Comprehensive CD. Full-text databases include back volume of medical journals, articles, medical yearbooks, review articles, textbooks, etc.


    SMS Medical College has a spacious and clean cafeteria. A huge range of hygienic, healthy and delicious food is available at the cafe. The cafe is centralized so that all the departments can have easy access to food at student-friendly rates. The cafe provides the service of delivering food to offices and hostels. Students can eat to their fill at low rates.

    Hostel Facility:

    The hostel infrastructure at SMS Medical College is very reliable, safe, clean and good. There are geysers installed at hostel for warm water. Adequate cleanliness of the hostel corridor rooms is done every day. Each student is provided basic facilities to live comfortably including a bed, a table, a chair, and a cupboard. All the time electricity and water supply is available. There is a canteen for refreshments and a mess for dining resources. The quality of food is good and food is nutritional, the menu is also versatile to suit students taste

    Ethics Committee

    In order to avoid any kind of misconduct and violation of students’ rights an ethics committee has been formed at SMS Medical College. Ethics committee ensures that no student is bullied or is made a prey of ragging.

    Sports Facilities:

    The SMS Medical College Medical College has provided for sports enthusiasts a Football ground, Badminton court and indoor facility for Table tennis. The Sports Complex at the campus reverberates with energy and inspires students to challenge themselves. The Complex houses indoor courts and zones for badminton and table-tennis besides a recreational area. Amazingly SMS Medical College has a well maintained huge sized swimming pool, which is open throughout summers for students. A very well-equipped gymnasium is present in SMS Medical College which is consistent of all most all latest machinery.

Life at SMS Medical College

Life at a Medical College is different from life at school or outside the medical college. Making it till hereafter competing with such intelligent students who have always been scoring well is a very big accomplishment. Entering a medical college doesn’t bring an end to the struggle but it is just the beginning of determined and devoted hard work. Getting selected into SMS Medical College proves how determined you are and that your skills should be polished by institute no other than SMS Medical College.  In medical life goes through various phases and some phases are challenging, in order to beat those challenges few tips are mentioned below:

Take Good Notes:

Pay attention during the lecture and takedown good, organized notes. Start a new page for every new lecture. Grasp keywords and concepts that the lecturer mentions (You won’t have time to copy down full sentences). Then, when class is over, go through your notes and solve all the queries which arise in your mind as soon as possible.

Efficient Management of time:

At medical college you can no longer rely on your parents to keep a calendar of everything that’s going on and instead, you must sort things for yourself. Add to this the fact that a significant proportion of time at university will be spent feeling tired, due to excessive studying or partying, and there is a recipe for potential disaster. Practical’s may coincide with sports matches or a MedSoc event might be happening when you’re meant to be seeing your family. The most important thing is to manage your time efficiently. Regularly go through your notes and always start early. If any assignment or quiz is due do not drag it till the deadline, rather start early so that you have time to ask others and perform well.

Work Hard but Work Smart:

Studying medicine comes with a certain expectation to work harder. There are generally more contact hours than other subjects with practical’s and lectures taking up a great deal of time. Of course, it’s not just the contact hours when you are working, lecture notes need to be read over, essays have to be written, practical’s should be prepared for and keeping on top of it all can be a challenge. This is especially the case as your workload will vary from week to week, sometimes being set a great deal of work and sometimes having a whole week with very little to do. Therefore it’s important to be flexible with how you work and appreciate that sometimes you will have to put in a long stint of work in order to have the time off when you need it. So hard work and smart work are needed to achieve the best.

Dr. Najeeb lectures:

There are times at Medical College when you don’t understand a certain subject or a certain concept, which forces the students into stress and depression. At times there is no TA or batchmate or senior present to help you. In such dire times you have the ultimate source of Medical knowledge “Dr. Najeeb’s Lectures”. For most reliable and best assistance you can access Dr. Najeeb’s Lectures. These are video lectures which are an incredible source for self-studying. Dr. Najeeb’s Lectures are the world’s best medical lectures, covering every one of the aspects of Gross Anatomy, Neuro-anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology. These lectures comprise of visualizations of knowledge delivered by books. These lectures for the best understanding of students contain hand-drawn illustrations. Above all, one can get lifetime access to these lectures and even download the app to avail them anytime, anywhere.

Take Smart Study Breaks:

Remember that a break is indeed necessary. Your brain needs to recharge and your mind needs to rest. The danger is, of course, using Instagram, Facebook or Netflix during the period, and turning your study break into a movie marathon. One method you may have not tried is to take a 3 or 4-minute break every 30 minutes you study. Then on the 4th break, make it 4-5 minutes. During the break drink coffee or tea or you may eat nuts or take a brief walk in the fresh air. All of these techniques will help your mind relax and gain its energy back.

Stay positive:

There is almost no point going into an exam so nervous you end up making multiple silly errors. You need to have confidence in yourself and trust yourself. There can be times when things don’t go smoothly but always stay positive and keep you spirits high.

At the end we would like to encourage you to work with consistency and become the most accomplished physicians. Don’t give up in hard times, keep our tips in mind and Good luck!

For more information, please visit their official website.


Here’s what students are saying about Dr. Najeeb Lectures.

Lizi Klein Los Angeles, California
Lizi Klein
This is singularly the best investment I made for the first year of medical school. Each video is a jackpot of information with amazing drawings, great energy, and a phenomenal professor!
Kathryn Giroux Whitefish, Ontario
Kathryn Giroux
Currently, the only things saving my embryology and 1st-trimester ultrasound marks - keep the wealth of education flowing! Highly recommended!
Maryam Moradi The University of Texas, Austin
Maryam Moradi
I bought lifetime access because I believe there is no better source for learning the foundation of medicine. I strongly recommend him to anyone who cares about true learning and not merely memorizing!
Jackson David Reynolds University of North Georgia
Jackson David Reynolds
Dr. Najeeb Lectures are top notch. Comprehensive medical lectures of the utmost quality across all preclinical (and many clinical) topics. Fantastic for deepening one's understanding for clinical practice and licensing/board examinations.
Jacob Joseph Columbus, Ohio
Jacob Joseph
Dr. Najeeb is the single most spectacular medical teacher you will ever have! I love this man. He has clarified everything from the coagulation cascade, immunology, neurology, and embryology. His sense of humor and brilliant illustrations make everything stick well in your memory. His ability to illustrate 3-dimensional relationships has been useful for excelling in anatomy. I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful work you do. I recommend your lectures to anyone who wants to truly understand medicine!
Ann Ilaria Mayrhofer London School of Hygiene.
Ann Ilaria Mayrhofer
I'm grappling with my online studies in Infectious Disease at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It's made me realize what a visual learner I still am. So these vids are making what was murky crystal clear. While I am easily distracted when I have to do hours of straight reading, I am glued to the videos. I've looked for a series of such videos for months. A million thanks - Dr Najeeb has a true passion for teaching and can convey highly complex topics in an understandable and fun way.


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